Open UPS Worldship and select Import/Export Date>Create/Edit Map

Images may vary depending on UPS WorldShip version

Under New Map (like above) select: 

  1. Import from ODBC Database
  2. Shipment (from pull-down window)
  3. Name “UPS Import from Presidio”
  4. Click Create
  5. Select the ODBC driver created earlier and enter your credentials to connect.

The Map Fields window will appear (below).  

Under ODBC Tables, Select:  vwShipIntegrationSource


Connect the following fields using the Connect button.  Some of the UPS WorldShip fields are found under Shipment Information


ODBC Field WorldShip Field 
 sLookUpJobSeq Shipment Information::Reference 2
 sServiceCode Shipment Information::Service Type
 sBillingOption Shipment Information::Billing Option
 sShipToContactLastF Ship To::Attention or other Contact Format Option
 sShipToName1 Ship To::Company or Name
 sShipToAddress1 Ship To::Address 1
 sShipToAddress2 Ship To::Address 2
 sShipToCity Ship To::City or Town
 sShipToState Ship To::State/Province/County
 sShipToZip  Ship To::Postal Code
 sShipToContactEMailAddr Ship To::Email Address
 sShipToContactPhone Ship To::Telephone
 sShip3rdPartyAcctUPS Third Party::UPS Account Number
 sBillToName1 Third Party::Company or Name
 sBillToAddress1 Third Party::Address 1
 sBillToCity Third Party::City or Town
 sBillToState Third Party::State/Province/County
 sBillToZip Third Party::Postal Code

After the fields are mapped, Click sLookUpJobSeq then Define Primary Key for Import

The last step is to translate the Presidio Service Codes.

On the bottom of the Mapping screen under “What you have mapped so far” 

  1. Click: vwShippingIntegrationSource::sServiceCode
  2. Click Edit on the right side of the screen
  3. Under Translations rename the External Field Service codes as shown below:


Click OKOK and Close to complete the Import Setup.