UPS Worldship and Presidio use and ODBC connection to communicate.  The ODBC connection must be established before configuring the integration.  If ODBC Connection already exists for FedEx Integration, it can shared. Skip to next section.

For 32 bit Systems: Open Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Date Sources (ODBC)

For 64 bit Systems: Open C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad.exe

  1. Select System DSN Tab, Click ‘Add’
  2. Select Driver ‘SQL Server’
  3. Enter the Name and Description as “Presidio Shipping Integration” (without quotes).  It's important to use this exact name to maintain compatibility with other/future added workstations.
  4. Enter/Select Server Name and hit next
  5. Choose ‘With SQL Server Authentication…’ and check ‘Connect to SQL Server…’
  6. Enter Login ID (sa) and password and click Next
  7. Change the default database to 'PSI' and click Next, then Finish
  8. Test Data Sources to verify connection