The Presidio™ installation consists of five phases in the following sequence:

  1. Presidio™ Minimum Requirements
  2. Presidio™ Prerequisite Installation
  3. Presidio™ Database Installation
  4. Presidio™ Client Setup
  5. Presidio™ Workstation Installation

Before Installation

  • Verify the database server and all workstations meet the minimum system requirements, including .Net Framework and all Prerequisite Components
  • (See Minimum Requirements Page)
  • Verify that your installation coordinator has full network rights
  • Verify network users have read / write permissions to a "Presidio" shared folder on the network via UNC path
  • Schedule installation with Printers Software support specialist: contact us


Presidio™ MIS System Requirements

Server Database + Client Installation

Minimum:    Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 Express with Advanced Services

Recommended:   Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express 

-Operating Systems & Hardware Specifications-

  • Minimum:    Windows Server 2008r2
    Recommended:    Windows Server 2012r2 or newer
  • For optimal database performance avoid installation of demanding applications & server roles

Processor: Minimum 2GHz Multi-Core

RAM: Minimum 8GB,  Recommended 12GB+

Hard Disk:  At least 30 GB free space, Fault-Tolerant RAID recommended
                     An optimal configuration could include small solid state drives dedicated to storage of database files

  • IIS 7.0 or newer
  • .NET Framework 4.0 Extended
  • Microsoft Presidio Prerequisite Software Components (supplied)
  • All Current Microsoft Updates
  • Firewall Ports Allowing Incoming Connections to SQL Server Database
  • Internet Connectivity, Static LAN IP Address, & Local DNS Server
  • Ability to connect to the physical console or remote desktop access
  • Microsoft Remote desktop CALs for RDP Presidio use (Remote, Mac, etc.)

Workstation Client Installation

    -Operating Systems & Hardware Specifications-

  • Windows XP Professional SP3*, Vista*, Windows 7, 8, & 10 (x32 & x64)

Processor: Pentium 4 (or equivalent), minimum 2GHz, Dual Core or better recommended

RAM: Minimum 1GB, recommended 2GB+

Hard Disk: 25GB free space

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Extended
  • Presidio Prerequisite Software Components (supplied)
  • All Current Microsoft Updates
  • SVGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution monitor
  • Microsoft Word 2007 - 2013 / 365  w/ current MS Updates for user documents
    (Quote Letters, Shipping Documents, etc.) 

Presidio™ Prerequisite Installation

Presidio runs on the .NET 4 Extended framework and requires a few supporting components
The Prerequisite installer will need to run one time on every Presidio workstation.
The automatic prerequisite software installer is now available.
Download and allow to run -
Saves time, less to download, cleans up after itself when its complete.
*Close / Exit all open programs before running*


Included in this step are the following components - 

  1. .NET 4 Extended Framework
  2. VC++ 2010 CLR Redistributables
  3. Crystal Reports 2008 Runtime Components
  4. QuickBooks Libraries - QB is optional and does NOT need to be installed on all workstations.



Presidio™ Server & Database Configuration

Provision a Presidio ‘Common Files’ network shared folder – this can be located on the Presidio database server or any file server on your network as long as all Presidio users have Read / Write Permissions to all files and subdirectories within the Presidio ‘Common Files’ share.
The following database installation instructions assumes Microsoft SQL Server has been fully installed and configured.
For set-up instructions or to schedule remote installation service please contact us
  1. Extract the contents of the file -
  2. Execute the following .msi – ‘..\Database\PresidioDBInstall.msi’
  3. Provide database connection string values, press ‘Install’.
    Upon Successful completion your database will now be ready to accept client connections.
    *SQL User for DB install requires Data Reader and Writer Permissions on the Master Database*



Presidio™ Client Setup

  1. On the server or an appropriate workstation - Extract the contents of
  2. Execute the following .msi – ‘PresidioInstallVxxxx\Application\PresidioAppInstalll.msi’
    Installation should complete quickly.

    Once the installer window exits you will have a new Program in your Start Menu Programs as well as a new Desktop icon for Presidio as seen in the following screenshot: 
3.   On first run the application you will be asked for connection settings to your database on ‘YourServer’
Example Database Connection String Values:
Server:        YourServer\Presidio
User: SA
Password: *******
Post Installation Configuration:
  1. Launch Presidio, input activation code, and then restart the application.
  2. At the program shell access system settings via the top menu bar items:
    Tools > Setup > System Settings- System Tab
  3. Configure the ‘Common Document Folder’ with the UNC or mapped drive path you created during ‘Server Setup’ To unlock the text box click within it and press CTRL+ F9
    Input your path and press ‘Save’ – This will immediately move your Presidio system files out to the network shared directory. If any errors are reported check to make sure shared directory and NTFS file system permissions are properly configured for the user making the configuration changes.
  4. In the root of the unzipped ‘PresidioInstallVxxxx’ folder you should see 4 subdirectories:
    (Application, Database, EventProcessor, ShopNet)
    These contain the installation files for your client workstations - they need to be copied out to the Presidio network shared folder. Copy the 4 folders, navigate to your Presidio network shared folder and locate the ‘\SystemDocuments\Install’ directory – Delete the existing folders and paste the folders you copied from the installation package. Shared contents should appear similar to the following screenshot:
    (time stamps will differ)

    If your users have appropriate permissions to access the files in these directories and your security policies allow them to do so they can manually execute the client application installation .msi file located in the Presidio network shared folder at the following path:‘\SystemDocuments\Install\Application\PresidioAppInstall.msi’  


Presidio™ Workstation Installation 

Presidio Prerequisite Installer
Presidio Shared Folder UNC Path
Presidio Application Installation File

  1. Install Presidio Prerequisites via the automatic web installer program:
The Prerequisite Installer program will detect, download, and install only the components required to run Presidio on each PC.
*Close / Exit out of all running applications on your PC* 
Allow ~ 5 - 10 min for installation to complete uninterrupted:
(depending on connection speed and detected requirements)
Installation status bar may appear to halt while downloading components in the background. 
The Automatic Prerequisite Installer program will remove all temp files when it has completed.
    Software Prerequisites Include:
    MS .Net 4.0 Extended, MS VC2010 Runtime, SAP Crystal Reports 2008 sp4 Runtime, Optional Quickbooks QBFC
  1. Presidio may then be installed directly from the network shared directory:
    Open Windows Explorer (Winkey + E) or ‘My Computer’ and browse to the Presidio network folder then install the Presidio Application by double-clicking 'PresidioAppInstall.msi’
  1. Installation should complete quickly.
Once the installer window exits you will have a new Program in your Start Menu Programs as well as a new Desktop icon for Presidio as seen in the screenshot below. 
On first run the application you will be asked for connection settings to your database.
Example Database Connection String Values:
Server:        YourServer\Presidio
User: SA
Password:   *******
Once the application window appears Presidio is online & ready.