Below is a list of required elements for the Legacy to Presidio conversion.  There are a number of additional items that can be configured, but are not required.  Please explore the Tools menu for other available items.

Setup & Configuration

Shared Tables

  • Departments
  • Operations:  Operations with matching Legacy codes required for Job Detail Conversion
  • Cost Centers
  • Categories:  Categories that match Legacy required for converted Jobs
  • Employees:  Sales Reps with matching Legacy code required for Job Header Conversion, Operators with matching Legacy code required for Job Detail Conversion
  • Labels & Label Lists:  List that matches Legacy required for converted Jobs
  • Vendors
  • Customers:   Customers with matching Legacy code required for Job Conversion


  • Estimate Status with default set
  • Estimate Documents (Quote Letters)

Job Control

  • Job Status with default set


  • Shopnet Operation Screens (test all)
  • Shopnet Employee Screens (test all)

Milestone Schedule

  • Job Milestones (found under Job Control tables)


  • Shipment Status
  • Shipping Documents
  • Ship Via (found under Shared tables)
  • FedEx & UPS integration (installed and configured by Printers Software)


  • Inventory Groups
  • Inventory Locations
  • PO Status
  • PO Report Settings
  • Convert Legacy Inventory Items and import any Vendor Items
  • Schedule physical count just prior to Go Live

System Setup

  • System Settings review
  • User Preferences review
  • Security review

Training & Orientation

The list below highlights items that differ from Legacy to Presidio. These items and concepts should be understood fully before going live with Presidio.  For a detailed review, please schedule a training session with Printers Software.

General System

  • Navigation
  • User Preferences (List Columns, default options, etc)
  • List Sorting, Filtering, Lookup (including Advanced Lookup) and Exporting
  • Examine all critical user documents and reports


  • Parts and Forms review
  • Part Label/Label List
  • Estimate Status
  • Quote Letters and Reports
  • Vendor Items, Free Form Items, Inventory Items
  • Estimate to Job Transfer and Update

Job Control

  • Job Status
  • Job Detail Tab
  • Cost Entry/Edit vs. Shift Entry Edit (Shopnet)
  • Reports
  • Closing Jobs / Batch Close
  • Commission posting
  • Milestone Integration
  • Shipping Integration


  • Vendor Items
  • Requisitions & Reserves
  • PO Receipt
  • Import
  • Inventory Withdrawal from Inventory and Shopnet

Conversion/Go Live Planning

Schedule “Go Live” date at least 1 week in advance with Printers Software.  All system setup and training should be completed at least 1 week prior to Go Live date.

Important Dates:

  • Send Printers Software Job Files for conversion testing (1 week before Go Live)

JHISTWBT.PSI (Closed Job Headers)

JHEADWBT.PSI (Open Job Headers)

JHDTLWBT.PSI (Closed Job Details)

JODTLWBT.PSI (Open Job Details)

  • Identify Job Conversion set, typically:

All Open Job Headers and Details are converted

1 or 2 years of Closed Job Headers are converted*

Closed Job details are not typically converted*

*Legacy will remain available for historical reference.  It is recommended that you limit the history import to minimize database bloat.

  • Invoice and Close as many Legacy Jobs as possible (2 days before Go Live)

No Jobs can be invoiced or closed in Legacy after this point.

  • Send Final Closed Job Header and Closed Job Detail Files to Printers Software (immediately after Invoice and Close complete)
  • Send Final Legacy Open Job Header File to Printers Software for conversion (by 3pm day before Go Live) 

Any Jobs opened in Legacy after this point will need to be manually opened in Presidio

  • Import Open Legacy Job Headers into Presidio (night before Go Live)
  • Go Live with Presidio
  • Send Final Legacy Open Job Detail File to Printers Software for conversion (after final Legacy Shopnet transactions posted)
  • Import Legacy Open Job Details into Presidio