Questions pertaining to the internal application set-up and functionality should be sent to our support system

For online documentation, instructions, and to submit trouble tickets please visit our support website


*Install all available important updates available from the Windows Update site before proceeding*




Prerequisite Installation Package

Presidio Shared Folder On Your Server


Path To Presidio Installation File



1) Install Prerequisites via the automatic web installer:

*Close / Exit all running applications on your PC*

*Please allow automatic Installer to complete uninterrupted ( ~ 5 - 10 min depending on connection)*
(Depending on your security settings IE may display prompts which you will need to allow / approve)

The program status bar may appear to halt while downloading components. Please be patient.

The Automatic Prerequisite Installer program will automatically exit when it has completed.


2) Presidio may then be installed directly from the network shared directory:

Open Windows Explorer (Winkey + E) or ‘My Computer’ and browse to the Presidio network folder then
 install the Presidio Application by double-clicking 'PresidioAppInstall.msi’
 Path to PresidioAppInstall.msi 

3) Installation should complete very quickly on a healthy PC with a moderately fast network connection.

Launch Presidio via the newly created desktop shortcut or via the Start Menu - Programs Item.
Immediately a prompt will appear requiring values for the address and credentials necessary to make the database connection.


Contact your Presidio Application Managers and / or IT staff as they should have documentation of this information.


Example Database Connect String Format
Server: ServerName\SQLServerInstance
User: SQLUser
Pass: SQLUserPassword
Provide a valid connection string then select 'OK' - Presidio will then launch and be ready to use.


Once the application window appears the installation is complete.