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Prerequisite Installation Package

Root Presidio Shared Folder On Your Server


Path To ShopNet Only Installation File



1) Install Prerequisites via the automatic web installer:

*Close / Exit out of all running applications on your PC*

*Please allow automatic Installer to complete uninterrupted ( ~ 5 - 10 min depending on connection)*
(Depending on your security settings IE may display prompts which you will need to allow / approve)

The program status bar may appear to halt while downloading components, please be patient.

The Automatic Prerequisite Installer program will automatically close when it has completed.



2) ShopNet may then be installed directly from the network shared directory:

Open Windows Explorer (Winkey + E) or ‘My Computer’ and browse to the Presidio network folder then
 install the Presidio Application by double-clicking 


3) Installation should complete quickly.

By design - once the ShopNet installer window exits you will NOT find shortcuts or links to the application.
These must be manually created and require the addition of a command line parameter to identify the ShopNet Employee ScreenID - configured from within Presidio. The ScreenID should be added as a basic command line parameter to the end of the executable path within the properties of the shortcut.

From ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Presidio Shopnet\‘

  1. Create a new shortcut to PresidioShopNet.EXE
  2. Open the properties of the shortcut and add a single space at the end of the target path followed by the ScreenID. Ex. If my ScreenID was configured to the value of ‘EMP’ the target path would be - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Presidio ShopNet\PresidioShopNet.EXE" EMP
  3. Press OK or Apply to save changes then rename your shortcut to reflect the associated Shopnet ScreenID.
  4. Copy the shortcut to the desktop or other easily accessible location.



4) On first run the application you will be asked for connection settings to your database server.
Use the Database Connection String values below.

Database Connection Values:
Server:                   SERVER\Presidio
User:                      sa
Password:             Password!



Once the application window appears the installation is complete.


If you see this message then the ScreenID in the shortcut is incorrect.

Verify the value needed within the Presidio - SN ‘ShopNet’ module and edit shortcut target.