Initial Installation


  • Basic server and network analysis/recommendations (up to 1 hour)
  • A single installation of SQL Server (up to 1 hour)
  • Installation of Presidio Database
  • Installation of Presidio Prerequisites & Presidio on up to 3 workstations (up to 2 hours)
  • Installation of Shopnet on up to 3 workstations

Does not include:

  • Installation of server/workstation operating systems & Windows updates
  • Configuring network permissions, security and/or virus protection
  • Configuring server/workstation licenses
  • Configuring Presidio database and file backup
  • Installation/Configuration of IIS services

Annual Service Agreement


  • Installation of up to 2 updates per year
  • Product Support
  • Trouble-shooting for Presidio related issues
  • Two 15 minute incidents for trouble-shooting for non-Presidio issues

Does not include:

  • Installation of updates exceeding 2 per year
  • Migration to new server requiring re-installation of SQL Server and database configuration
  • Trouble-shooting for non Presidio issues- these issues may affect the usage of Presidio, but are not caused by Presidio (server problems, viruses, network issues, etc.).

Professional Services Rates

The rate for Advanced Technical Services not included with the service agreement is $125/hour.  A one hour minimum rate will apply.  We will never charge without prior authorization. To authorize Professional Services, please complete the Authorization Form and fax to 941-925-1007 or email scan to


Legacy PSI and Pervasive.SQL Support

Legacy PSI was designed for Windows XP.  Newer versions of Windows, new video options and new email provider functions may be incompatible with Legacy PSI. Legacy PSI is supported on Windows 7 and newer operating systems on a best efforts basis.

A version of Pervasive.SQL (PSQL) approprate for your environment is required to run Legacy PSI. Printers Software does not sell and does not support PSQL. If you experience PSQL issues, we recommend Goldstar Software for further assistance. Contact Bill Bach, President of Goldstar, at or 708-647-7665 for pricing and details.

Printers Software recommends upgrading your Legacy PSI system to Presidio to eliminate the Pervasive.SQL requirement.