Inventory users can withdraw inventory items from Shopnet by selecting the "Inventory Withdrawal" button on the home screen. After selecting the employee, job number and form, the item selection screen (below) will appear. The screen will default to show a list of items reserved for the selected job. To see a list of all items, click the "All" radio button.

After the item is chosen, the quantity screen (below) will appear requiring the operator to enter the quantity being withdrawn. The quantity screen includes additional information, including:

  • Quantity On Hand and Available
  • Quantity Reserved for the current job
  • Estimated Quantity for the current job
  • Location of available inventory- withdrawal quantity must be entered next to corresponding location
  • Costing option- the default option ("Last" is the example below) is set in Inventory System Settings.  "Average" and "Standard" are other options.  Changes to this system setting will require Shopnet to be restarted to take effect.