Following are the steps in the transaction entry process:

1. All Shopnet transactions begin from the Home Screen.  Click Start to begin a new transaction or shift.

2. Next, select the Employee from the Employee Screen.

3. Enter the Job# from the Job # Screen (below) or use the "Look Up Job#" button to see a list of jobs.  Lunch, Break and Non-Charge transactions are also identified on this screen by selecting the corresponding button instead of entering a job number.

4. After the job number is entered, select the Form number that the transaction is for (below).  Jobs with a single form will be preset to that form.  Multiple form jobs use the form selection to post the cost and update the status specifically for the selected form.

5. Next, select the Operation from the Operation Screen. Jobs with an estimate will display an alert if the operation selected was not part of the estimate.

6. After selecting the operation, the quantity can be entered (below). If estimated, the estimated quantity will be shown for reference. You can choose to enter or edit the quantity at a later point (before the transaction is complete) using the Enter Quantity button on the home screen.

7. Complete the process by clicking "Continue" on the summary screen (below). Continuing will default to ending any current open transaction(s) for the user. To remain logged in to a current transaction, uncheck the box in the open transaction list. A Special Code can be entered to classify a transaction as HE, AA and/or apply a premium rate. Remarks can also be entered before continuing using the Remarks button. Remarks can also be entered mid-transaction via the home screen.