After clicking an Employee button from an Employee screen, the linked Operation screen will appear (below).  Operation screens can be shared by many employees that perform related operations.

Screen Setup: Shopnet screen maintenance can be accessed by clicking the SN speed key button or from Tools > Job Control/Shopnet Tables > Shopnet Screens.  Right-click to add a new screen and select "Operation".

NOTE: Operation Screens must be defined before Employee Screens as each employee button will need to reference an operation screen before saving.

Double-click any box to open the button settings screen:

Action: Each operation screen button can have 1 of the following 3 actions:

  • Operation: Selecting the button will select associated operation for the transaction.
  • Keypad: Selecting the button will prompt the user to enter their an operation code.  This button type is uncommon and used to enter transactions not associated with an on screen button.
  • Subscreen: This button is used to link to other operation screens.  This is commonly used in departments with more operations than fit on a single screen or for terminals in break-rooms or other common areas to enable operators to start and stop transactions from those locations.
Screen Link: The operation screen (for subscreen buttons) that the button will direct to.

Operation: The operation associated with the button (not applicable for subscreen buttons).

Color: The background color of the button. It is common use color to coordinate related buttons. The example above color codes all operations for a particular press with a lighter shade for non-chargeable maintenance activities.

Hint: Text tip that appears when hovering over button with a mouse.

Text: Description of button visible on the screen. Use the pipe symbol "|" (shift+\) to insert a line break.

Text Color, Alignment & Font: Controls the style and location of the text description.

Use Image: Option to include a photo or other image for a button.  Image should be 108 x 108 pixel jpg files.  Images should be located in a universal location accessible from all associated workstations.