Presidio Release Notes

v 23.3966


Estimate/Job Control

  • New option to omit Run Size parameters for inactive presses
  • New option to edit Operation Remarks & Memos from Job Form View
  • Ability to delete Queued QuickBooks Invoice from Job Summary Tab
  • New Batch Invoice capability

Browser Shopnet

  • New options for End of Shift Report (Always, Never, Prompt)
  • New Reports, including 
    • Employee Hours Report
    • Job Status Report
    • Current Activity Report
    • Completed Operations Report
  • Support for AlphaNumeric Jobs
  • Inventory Withdrawal support

Purchase Orders/Inventory

  • New file link to associate files with Inventory Items
  • New Inventory list Future Available column (Available plus unreferenced On Order)
  • Job Due Date added to Inventory Reserve list
  • Enhanced QuickBooks export options for received POs (not mark Bill Received)
  • Ability to export partially received invoices in phases to QuickBooks
  • Support for assigning vendors to primary and sub accounts in QuickBooks


  • Enhanced integration for QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Online custom field mapping
  • QuickBooks Online Invoice Message mapping
  • Enhanced CSV export for Job Control Invoices
  • UPS Integration compatibility maintenance
  • FedEx Integration compatibility maintenance
  • QuickBooks Desktop Integration compatibility maintenance
  • New Endicia Ship Software Integration
  • Windows & SQL Server platform and security enhancements