Open Endicia and select Edit > Preferences > Data Source and Post-Back tab
Under Post-Back Data > Configure
Click the New Data Map icon (white page in upper left corner) to open the Data Connections Setup Wizard and make the following entries:
  • Shipping data connection method: ODBC Connection
  • ODBC Data Source: select the name of the ODBC connection you defined
  • User Name & Password: enter your Presidio database User Name & Password
  • Table: Ship.UspsShipmentData
Map the 5 fields on the Package Details tab as shown below:

Click the Service button next to Service and make the following entries:
Note: Code (left) is alias/method as defined in Presidio. Service (right) is specific method in Endicia.  Many specific Endicia services can map to a single/general Presidio Service.

First Class MailFirst-Class Letter
First Class MailFirst-Class Large Envelope (Flat)
First Class MailFirst-Class Package Service
Priority MailPriority Mail
Priority MailPriority Mail Flat Rate Envelope
Priority MailPriority Mail Legal Flat Rate Envelope
Map the 7 fields on the Recipient Address tab as shown below:

Map the 3 fields on the Rubber Stamps tab as shown below:

Click OK to close the mapping configuration screen, then click Options next to the Configure button in the Post-Back Data section.
Make sure the Automatically post back data option in the Post-Back section is checked.
Click Edit Post-Back Fixed Data and assign the 3 fields as shown below:

Click OK to complete the export configuration.