Associating a Presidio estimate with a Pressero product offers the following benefits:

  • Part Labels from the estimate will automatically be loaded when the job is created in Presidio
  • Estimate values (units, time and cost) will be loaded
  • Job Ticket with part and estimate details can be printed
To setup the estimate association, please follow these steps:
  1. Create an Estimate in Presidio.  A quantity should exist for any possible quantity that your customer may select.  If more than 5 quantities are necessary, additional forms may be added to the estimate (under the same part) to add additional quantities.
  2. Define an attribute in Pressero called “PresidioEstRef”
  3. On a Pressero Product, select the Attribute tab and select “PresidioEstRef”
  4. In the Value field enter the Estimate Number, dash, Part Description.  For example.  Estimate 1202 with Part Description “Letterhead” will enter the value of “1202-Letterhead”.  Be sure to click the ‘add to list’ button in Pressero to commit the attribute reference.
  5. The next time an order for that product is opened, Presidio will load the estimate data from the corresponding Estimate Number, Part and Quantity