There are several options to automatically capture information from Pressero orders.  When a Pressero order is imported into Presidio a Part is created for each product within the order.  Each Presidio Part can include product specific details captured from the order.  These details are saved under the Part Label fields.  Part Label fields can be filled from the following:

  • General Order information such as:
    • User who placed the order (Name, Email, Phone)
    • Information from user defined Pressero checkout form Prompts
  • Product Specific information such as:
    • Pressero product Job Definition fields
    • Pressero product Attributes
    • Pressero Pricing Calculator Parameters
    • Pressero UOM Pricing fields (Stock, Ink)
    • Information from user defined Pressero product form prompts
    • Information from user defined Pressero check-out form prompts
    • Product Specific information from referenced Presidio Estimate
All of these options can be used in combination to automate the order entry and job ticketing process.