Presidio supports 2 way integration with Pressero Web-to-Print.  Here are the steps to activate the integration:

Presidio Required Steps

  1. Activate the integration (performed by Printers Software Support)
  2. Configure the System Settings Web2Print tab.  You will need an admin user id and password and Subscriber ID. The subscriberID refers to your unique Pressero account. You can find your subsrciberID by looking in the Pressero Tools > File Manager folder. Look in the area above the webFiles for something like "/files/Subscribers/448cc937-d8f9-4cf0-96f1-01e91ed0ad9c/webfiles", with 448cc937-d8f9-4cf0-96f1-01e91ed0ad9c being the subscriberID in this example.
  3. Admin URL.  If your Pressero account was provisioned through Printers Software, no action is necessary.  If your Pressero account was provisioned directly from Aleyant Systems, your Admin URL will need to be updated in your Presidio database to "".  Please contact Printers Software Support to perform this adjustment.

Pressero Required Steps
  1. Integration ID:  Used to associate a Pressero order with a Presidio Customer Account.  The integration ID is the Presidio Customer's "Customer #" field.  The Customer # can be entered is Pressero at the Site, User or Product level.  The Site Integration ID will assign all orders for that site to the associated Presidio customer unless a User or Product Integration ID for that order.

Order Import: Once the configuration steps noted above are complete you are ready to import you first order(s). Select "Import Web Orders" from the Job Control Actions menu to open the import dialogue. Please select an adequate date range to include Pressero orders for customers that have had their Integration ID defined. Select an order and click "Import". Presidio will import the data and open a new job in Job Control.

The "Import Web Orders" function can be automated by using the Event Processor. We recommend using the "Import Web Orders" menu option exclusively during the setup and testing phase.

Once the order integration has been successfully established you can automatically capture more details about the order and the orders' products using Part Labels.