When you have opened your QuickBooks file via a different path than assigned in Presidio System Settings, the following message will appear:
This occurs when Presidio is assigned to the file via a mapped drive and the file is currently open via UNC path or vice versa.
Here are two ways to open the same file in QuickBooks:
Via Mapped Drive:
Via UNC Path:
It is important to open the file in QuickBooks the same way it is assigned in the Presidio System Settings.  Here are the steps to check:
  1. Open Presidio System Settings: Tools > Setup > System Settings
  2. On the main System tab, double click your Company Name under "Company Demographics"
  3. A window will appear showing the location of the QuickBooks company file (below)
In the example above, the file is addressed using a mapped drive (F:).  If you opened QuickBooks using the UNC path (not mapped drive) you will need to close QuickBooks and reopen the QuickBooks company file using the same method found in system settings.