New QuickBooks users migrating from another accounting system should initialize their QuickBooks data before going live with the Presidio integration.  QuickBooks can convert data from some systems, but many will require manual configuration.  Here is a list of the commonly required steps:
  • Import customers into QuickBooks.  If your customers have already been imported into Presidio, the same source file (or an export from Presidio) will be a good starting point to ensure the customer lists are the same.
  • Import vendors into QuickBooks.  The vendor list from your prior accounting system may be better than the Presidio vendor export.  Presidio only needs vendors that have direct involvement with jobs.  QuickBooks will need all of your vendors.
  • Enter outstanding vendor invoices to create AP balances
  • Enter open customer invoices to create AR balances
The steps above include tasks that have a direct effect on the Presidio integration.  In addition to those steps, other important tasks include:
  • Setup of GL Accounts
  • Creation of document templates, including: invoice, credit memo, etc.
  • Adjusting opening balances for accounts
Printers Software are not experts in the functionality and configuration of QuickBooks.  If you are new to QuickBooks, we recommend consulting with an Intuit ProAdvisor.  Here is a link to find an Intuit ProAdvisor in your area: