The QuickBooks Online connector must be licensed and installed.  This process will take several hours and may require a Presidio update.  Please contact us at least 1 week in advance of your migration to coordinate the installation.  
Note: Before you have QuickBooks convert your data file it is very important to run the "Update Pending Invoices from QuickBooks" from the Job Control Actions menu and select "Both" to update all pending and final invoices.  If you have not run this in a while and have thousands of invoices to update, please contact us for assistance.
To configure the integration with QuickBooks Online please follow these steps:
  1. Select QB Online from the Presidio System Settings Invoicing tab
  2. On the System Settings "System" tab double-click the company you are configuring under "Company Demographics" and enter the QuickBooks Online Company ID (with no spaces) and Next Invoice #
The find your QuickBooks Online Company ID login to QuickBooks online and click "Your Account" under the settings menu.
Please note, the QuickBooks Online integration currently supports invoicing only.  If you are currently live with QuickBooks Desktop you will want to test the functionality at a time when invoicing will not be done with the desktop versions (both cannot be live at the same time).