Before you attempt to Export your first invoice, please confirm the following:

  1. The QuickBooks Company File location has been defined in Presidio
  2. At least 1 QuickBooks item has been defined in Presidio
  3. The QuickBooks Company Name is entered for the Customers that will be invoiced

To initialize the integration, QuickBooks must be open in Single User Mode on the Presidio workstation.  After the integration is initialized, you can return QuickBooks to multi-user mode.  
Switch to Single-User Mode:
  1. Have all users log out of QuickBooks except for you.
  2. Log in to QB.
  3. Go to File → Switch to Single-User.
  4. All open windows within the program will close and then a prompt will appear indicating that QuickBooks is now in Single-User Mode.  
With QuickBooks open in single-user mode, follow these steps:
  1. Go to a Job in Presidio that you are ready to invoice.  This job should be for a customer that already has their "QuickBooks Company Name" assigned.
  2. Click the Job's "Summary" tab
  3. Right-Click in the white space of the "Invoicing" area at the bottom of the page and select "New"
  4. A list of the Job's Parts will be at the top of the window.  The Quantity and Price will default from the Estimated Quantity and Price for the Job.
  5. Assign/verify the QuickBooks Item for each part
  6. Verify the Shipping Amount (this will default to the total shipping cost from the shipping tab plus a markup %)
  7. Click "Save".  The invoice has now been added to the "Queue"
  8. From the Actions menu, select "Export Queued Invoices to QuickBooks"
  9. Check the invoice(s) to export and click "Export"
  10. QuickBooks will display a permission dialogue to approve the integration setup.  We recommend selecting the option to allow the integration only when QuickBooks is already open.  
  11. The invoice will be created in QuickBooks.  If there were any problems, they will be displayed in the Invoice Batch list- Scroll to the right to review any problems (for example: Item not found, no matching customer, etc.).
To switch back into Multi-User Mode, go back to File → Switch to Multi-User.