There are a few required setup steps to complete prior to initializing the integration.  

QuickBooks Company File

From Presidio, open Tools > Setup > System Settings to the System Tab (Main Tab).  Under "Company Demographics" you can edit the default company or create a new company by right-clicking on the company or in the white space.  From the edit panel, enter/navigate to the QuickBooks Company File that Presidio will be integrating with.  Please Note: The QuickBooks Company File must not be in use at this time.  QuickBooks must be closed in order to complete this step.  The "Next Invoice #" field can be entered if Presidio will be assigning invoice numbers (unless use Job # as invoice number is checked on the Invoicing Tab).


QuickBooks Item Assignments

From Presidio, open Tools > Setup > System Settings to the Invoicing Tab.  Click the Edit Detail Items button to manage the items your QuickBooks invoices will be created for.  At least one item that you have defined in QuickBooks will need to be entered here.  Common items include "Printing", "Mailing" and "Shipping".  Right-Click and select "New" to define a new item.

  • Default for Shipping should be checked for the item that you want Shipping Charges assigned to
  • Exclude from Amount should be checked for items that you don't want to include in your Job Sales Amount (Sales Dollars).  Postage, for example, is commonly excluded.
  • When invoices are queued, you will be able to assign (or reassign) the item for each part
  • Presidio Categories can be associated with QuickBooks items to dynamically assign the item when invoicing
  • To assign a default item, right-click the item from the list
QuickBooks Company Name
Every invoice that is sent to QuickBooks will need to be from a Presidio Job with a Customer that has their "QuickBooks Company Name" defined to match a Company Name in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Vendors
Every bill that is sent to QuickBooks will need to be from a closed Presidio PO with a Vendor that has their "QuickBooks Vendor Name" defined to match a Vendor Name in QuickBooks.  From Presidio, open Tools > Shared Tables > Vendor to access the list of Presidio vendors.  Edit a vendor to add the "QuickBooks Vendor Name" exactly as it appears in QuickBooks.  You will also need to enter an Expense Account number that will be used as the default account for bills from that vendor.