Under the Integration menu, select the name of the Integration profile you defined.  A Lookup Value window will open.  

  1. Enter the Shipment ID (ex “12345-001” for Job# 12345 shipment #1) in the Lookup box
  2. The import will automatically fill in all available data from that shipping record
  3. The Shipping ID can be entered manually or via a barcode scan
  4. If you close the Lookup window and need to recover it, press “Clear fields”

Each Shipment with either a Job# or Shipment ID (ex “12345-001” for Job# 12345 shipment #1) will automatically deliver the details to Presidio.  Shipments that were initiated via the Import (Lookup Value window) will automatically have the Shipment ID in the Job# field.  Manual shipments will require the user to enter the Job# or Shipment ID into the Job# field.  Shipments with a Job# will create a new shipping record in Presidio for the job entered.  Shipments with a Shipment ID will update the existing record with the shipment details.