The Export will use the same ODBC Connection that was used for the import.  Select the ODBC Data Source and click Continue.

Complete the following screen as shown and click Continue.

You will now choose the information you want to export.  Click All Fields to bring up a list of available fields and check the following:

Tracking Numbers>Tracking Numbers 

Master Tracking Number

Tracking Number

Charges>Customer Rates

Total Customer Charge

Charges>List Rates

Net Charge

Total Customer Charge


Customer Reference

Number of Packages

Package Type

Service Type

Ship Date

Shipment ID



Address 1

Address 2



Contact Name



Postal Code


Special Services>Ship Alert  

Recipient Email

The next step is to match the FedEx fields with the Presidio fields as follows.  For all fields, select Presidio table “tblFDXShipmentData”.

FedEx Field  Presidio Field
 Master Tracking Number trMasterTrackingNumber
 Tracking Number trTrackingNumber
 Total Customer Charge chgNetChargeCustRates
 Net Charge chgNetChargeList
 Total Customer Charge chgTotalCustChargeList
 Number of Packages pkgNumberOfPackages
 Package Type pkgPackageType
 Service Type pkgServiceType
 Ship Date pkgShipDate
 Shipment ID pkgShipmentID
 Weight pkgWeight
 Address 1 reAddress1
 Address 2 reAddress2
 City reCity
 Company reCompany
 Contact Name reContactName
 Country reCountry
 Phone rePhone
 Postal Code rePostalCode
 State/Province reState
 Recipient Email reEMail
 Delete Indicator trIsDelete

Note: Number of Packages may be in international section

The last part of the Export integration is to convert Presidio field data to the corresponding FedEx fields. Click Service Type and the following screen will appear:

Map the fields as follows:
FedEx Field Presidio Field 
 Priority Overnight 1
 Standard Overnight 5
 2 Day 3
 First Overnight 6
 Ground 92
 Ground Home Delivery 90
 1 Day Freight 70
 2 Day Freight 80
 3 Day Frieght 83
 All Others  <None>
Optional (not common): After the fields are mapped there are 2 custom fields to configure.  Under the Customize menu select Customize Fields. The following screen will appear:

Set Customer reference to Screen Display “Pieces Shipped” and Reference type to Customer reference. Set Additional reference 3 to “Job#” and Reference type to Shipment ID.

The FedEx Shipment Screen should appear as below in the bottom right hand corner: