To Configure the FedEx Ship Manager, please follow the following steps:

  1. Open FedEx Ship Manager and select Integration>FedEx Integration Assistant
  2. Continue until you are prompted to Create a new profile, then continue
  3. Select Both Import and Export, then continue
  4. Select ODBC then scroll down to select the ODBC driver you created, then continue
  5. A window will appear prompting you to login using your Login ID (sa) and password
  6. Complete the next 2 windows as show below, then continue
Images may vary depending on FedEx Ship Manager version

You will now choose the information you want to import. Click All Fields to bring up a list of available fields and check the following:

Address 1
Address 2
Contact Name
Postal Code
Bill Transportation To
Number of Packages
Payor Account Number
Service Type
Shipment ID

After you have checked the required fields click OK, then Continue

The next step is to match the FedEx fields with the Presidio fields as follows. For all fields, select Presidio table “vwShipIntegrationSource”.
FedEx Field  Presidio Field
 Address 1 sShipToAddress1
 Address 2 sShipToAddress2
 City sShipToCity
 Company sShipToName1
 Contact Name sShipToContactFirstLast  or other Contact Format Option
 Postal Code sShipToZip
 Bill Transportation To sBillingOption
 Number of Packages nCartonsTotal
 Payor Account Number sShip3rdPartyAcctFedEx
 Service Type sServiceCode
 Shipment ID sLookUpJobSeq
·         You can select a default Service Type to be used if a matching type is not found.
·         Weight is not a mapped field, but must be set with a default value or “Read Scale”
From the same screen you will need to click Select Index and choose sLookUpJobSeq, then click OK, then Continue.

The last part of the Import integration is to convert Presidio field data to the corresponding FedEx fields.  
Click Service Type and the following screen will appear:
Map the fields as follows:
FedEx Field Presidio Field 
 Priority Overnight 1
 Standard Overnight 5
 2 Day 3
 First Overnight 6
 Express Saver 20
 Ground 92
 Ground Home Delivery 90
 1 Day Freight 70
 2 Day Freight 80
 3 Day Frieght 83
 All Others <None>
 Click Bill Transportation To and the following screen will appear:
To (F SM value)      From (your value) 
  Leave "Select a default" untouched
 Bill Sender  SHP
 Bill Recipient None
 Bill Third Party TP
 FedEX Ground Collect       None
 SmartPost Prepaid None
Bill Sender can be set as the default Bill Transportation to.  To enable 3rd Party, go to Shipment Data in the Conversion Tab and select "Bill Transportation To" . Bill Sender needs to be assigned to "SHP" and Bill Third Party needs to be assigned to "TP"