Presidio can attach standard Word and Excel templates to Jobs and to Estimates. When you use these templates to create documents/files, Presidio can store the resulting documents/files in a default save location of your choosing.


Create the Desired Templates

Create Folders for Storing Templates and Documents/Files

  • Create <PresidioTemplateStuff> on your file server on the same drive, and at the same level as your <Presidio> folder
  • Under <PresidioTemplateStuff>, create
    • <Templates> for all Templates
    • <Template-1 Documents> for all documents based on Template-1
    • <Template-2 Documents> for all documents based on Template-2
    • Create a separate <Template-n Documents> folder for each template
  • Add <PresidioTemplateStuff> and its sub-directories to your backup procedure

Copy Your Templates to <PresidioTemplateStuff>\<Templates>

Define Attachment Templates to Presidio

  • Select Tools > Shared Tables > File Attachment Templates
  • Right-click > select New
  • Enter “Attachment Name” for your template
  • Template: Browse to <PresidioTemplateStuff>\<Templates> and select the desired Template
  • Default Save Location:

Browse to <PresidioTemplateStuff>\<Template-N Documents>

  • Click Save


  • Select the Attachment Tab in Job Control or Estimate
  • Right-click > select New
  • Click From Template, and select the desired template
  • Click Save to attach the template
  • Double-click the template in the attachment list to open the selected template