The Report Generator module is used to generate user defined custom reports.  The Report Generator is an optional module that can be added to any Presidio package.  To access the Report Generator, click the "Report Generator" button on the left side of the main Presidio frame.  The button is above the CRM button and is white with a page icon.
After clicking the Report Generator, a list of your reports will appear.  To start a new report, click the New button on the toolbar.  The following window will appear prompting you to name the report and select the data source.
Click Save to continue and a window with a list of fields will appear.  Double-click the desired fields to add them as columns to your report.
Once the columns are added, a number of configuration settings can be made, including:
  • Drag and drop the column headers to arrange them in the desired sequence
  • Adjust the column widths
  • Use the column filter icons to preset data filters (for a particular customer or date range, for example)
  • Right-click on a column and select Summary Options to add a count, sum or average to a column
Once the settings have been made, click the Save button on the toolbar to lock in your settings.
The Refresh button will run the report. 
Report Generator Toolbar Buttons: