Alerts Tab: Used to defined customer specific alerts that will appear when certain actions occur for a customer, including:

  • Order: when a new job is started)
  • Billing: when a new invoice is created
  • Estimate: when a new estimate is started
  • Shipping: when a new shipment is created or edited (based on a system setting)

Memo Tab: Used to track customer sales activity not necessarily associated with a specific estimate or job.  Right-Click to print a particular memo or all memos.

Accounting Tab: Used for customer accounting details, including:

  • Credit Limit: A system setting is available to check a customer's available credit when a new job is opened.  Based on the setting, the system will warn or prevent the new job from being saved. 
  • AR Balance: Can be set to automatically update for QuickBooks and Legacy Accounting users via the Event Processor
  • WIP: Current value of Work In Process (open jobs) for a customer.  A system setting is available to base the WIP on the Actual Cost posted the Quoted Price of the open jobs.
  • Credit Available = Credit Limit - AR Balance - WIP
  • Tax Code: Not widely used.  Available for customer reporting and integration
  • QB Invoice: Applicable when invoicing set to QuickBooks.  Option to default invoices for a customer to Print and/or Email.  NOTE: If your new QuickBooks invoices are set to "Pending", QuickBooks will not allow an invoice to be marked "To Be Emailed".  An error will occur if a customer is set to "Email Invoices" if "Pending" is defined in your QuickBooks system settings.  To avoid the error and allow invoices to be created, only check the "To Be Emailed" if the invoices are created as "Final"
Estimates & Jobs Tabs: Click "Refresh to list all estimates and jobs for the customer. Double-Clicking an estimate or job will access it.

Misc Tab: User field data for a customer is entered on the Misc Tab. (User Fields are defined via System Settings).  The "Integration ID" is for 3rd Party system integration.  The Shipping Account numbers are for use with FedEx and UPS integration.