• Each active Estimate Part/Form creates a new Part/Form in the new Job


Default Mapping of Parts and Forms

  • Each previously transferred active Estimate Part/Form updatethe existing corresponding Part/Form in the Job
  • Each active Estimate Part/Form not previously transferred creates a new Part/Form in the Job

Operator Overrides

  • Any default mapping of an Estimate Part/Form can be changed per the options in the “Job Part/Form” column pull-down-list


  • “Update Job from Estimate” never deletes existing Job Parts or Forms
  • When the Update Job from Estimate “Job Part/Form” entry is <New>, a new Part/Form is added to the Job

Example: A Job is opened from an Estimate with Form 1 active and Form 2 inactive. Subsequently, you want to update the job by replacing Estimate Form 1 with Estimate Form 2. Do the following:

  1. Select the Estimate
  2. Uncheck Form 1, and check Form 2
  3. Select “Update Job from Estimate”
  4. In the “Job Part/Form” column, change <New> to “Form 2” (without this step, the original “Form 1” is retained and, a new “Form 2” is created)

Notes on the First Part in an Estimate and in a Job

  • Each Estimate and each Job must have at least one Part
  • The first Part in an Estimate and in a Job cannot be deleted
  • The first Part in an Estimate cannot be imported from another Estimate; to create a new Estimate with a first Part from an existing Estimate, start with the existing Estimate, then do a “Save As”