• Define desired Milestones: see Tools + Job Control + Job Milestones
  • Assign Milestones to corresponding Operations: see Tools + Shared Tables + Operation

Create Job Milestones for Jobs

  • Milestone Operations are created automatically for Jobs opened from an Estimate
  • Additional Milestones can be added as needed on the Job’s Milestone Tab or on the Schedule Job Milestones screen

Edit and Manage Milestones

Edit Milestones on the Job Milestone Tab or the Schedule Job Milestones screen to:

  • Add Milestones
  • Assign / Change Milestone Due Dates
  • Edit Estimated Hours
  • Add / Edit Milestone Notes
  • Change Milestone Status to Complete
  • Change Milestone Status of Complete to Not Complete
  • Delete Milestones
  • Split a Milestone into multiple Milestones


  • Job Milestones have a Task “show load button” (icon between Est Hrs and Notes)
  • Schedule Job Milestones screen allows daily milestones to be moved up or down, to indicate your preferred production sequence

Job Milestones Screen View and Report Options

  • Filters allow selection of Scheduled, Unscheduled, or Completed Milestones
  • Milestones display on Tabs corresponding to the Milestones you defined
  • Milestone Reports are available by Job and by Milestone

Typical Procedure (Daily and/or As Needed)

New Jobs from an Estimate

  • Review “automatic” milestones and add new milestones as needed
  • Assign milestone Due Dates
  • Add milestone Notes as needed

New Jobs with no Estimate: define milestones, then continue as above

Completed Production Steps

  • Update milestones
  • Adjust Due Dates as needed