Deleting A Job

Deleting a job that does not yet have transactions can be done by clicking the delete button (black X) on the tool bar or from the job list (right-clicking a selection or using the delete button).

There are many times that a job cannot be deleted.  These include jobs with the following conditions:

  • Employee Transactions have been posted through Time Sheets or Shopnet
  • Inventory withdrawals have been posted
  • Receipts have been posted (Non PO or PO)
  • Open Purchase Orders are linked to the job
  • Invoices have been created for the job
  • Shipments have been created for the job
To maintain database relational integrity, all of these conditions will prevent a job from being deleted.  

The following items can be removed to allow a job to be deleted:
  • Open Purchase Orders: delete the PO reference to the job by removing the line item from the PO or assigning to another Job, None or Non-Chg
  • Invoices: If the invoice has been put in the Queue, it can be deleted.  Once an invoice is Final or Posted, it cannot be deleted.
  • Shipments: Can be deleted from a job at any time
The remaining conditions cannot be deleted and will prevent the related job from being deleted.  In those cases, here are the recommended steps:
  • Set the customer to "None"
  • Clear the Sales Rep reference
  • Return all withdrawn items to inventory or waste
  • Return Non-Stock/Free Form Items from Job
  • Void Invoices (QuickBooks) or issue a Credit (Legacy A/R)
  • Adjust all remaining transactions to 0 by double-clicking on the Job Control Detail tab, through Shopnet Time Sheet maintenance or through Job Control Job Cost Entry
These steps prevent the job from influencing future reports.  Be sure to take special care with Inventory Returns and Labor Transaction Adjustments.  Inventory Returns will affect your Inventory Item Balances.  Labor Transaction Adjustments will affect Employee Hours reports and time sheets.