Special Instructions: Used to enter general free-form instructions for the job.  Default Special Instructions can be saved for each Customer in the CRM.  Special instructions can be set to print on the job ticket.

Notes: This optional tab is used to enter information that will not print on the job ticket.  This tab is activated from a Misc Tab under System Settings.

Customer Info: Customer contact and other information.  See Customer Info Estimate for more information (estimate and job control customer info virtually identical).  Some users find it helpful to enter "Multiple" or "See Shipment Summary" for the Ship-to address when the job has multiple shipments and the Shipping module is active.

Inventory: Available for PO and Inventory module users. Displays reserves, requisitions and purchase order status for all items associated with a job:

Attachment: Files can be associated with an Job on the Attachment Tab.  Right-click to add a new file.  Files can be selected by browsing your network or using Template Attachments for commonly used documents or forms.  Files are referenced on the Attachment Tab; they are not actually stored in your Presidio database.  The attachment is like a shortcut to the file.  For this reason, files should be stored in a centralized location available for all users that will require access to the files.

Shopnet Transactions: Any currently open labor transactions for the job will be displayed here.