The Details tab includes all posted transactions to a job.  Transactions are posted through Job Cost Entry (time sheets) or in real-time through Shopnet Data Collection.  Adjust the check boxes on the Part/Form tree on the right to view items for selected parts and forms.

Estimated Values: Jobs with an associated estimate will include the estimated units, time and cost for each transaction.

Actual Values: Posted transactions will display the actual units, time and cost for each transaction. Posted transactions will also display the following:

  • Transaction Date
  • Standard Rate (unit rate or budgeted hourly rate)
  • Shift
  • Employee
  • Rate Code (0= Standard, 1, 2 or 3 = corresponding user defined premium rate)
  • Rate Info (N= Normal, H= House Error, A= Author's Alteration)
  • Type (Labor, Material, Purchase, Paper)
  • Taxable Flag
  • Department, Cost Center and Operation Code
  • Gang Transaction Flag (for gang runs in Shopnet)
Display Options:
  • Detail: displays a line for every transaction.  Detail off will summarize common transaction types on a single line.  To display the details for an individual line item, click the sigma symbol on the left margin.
  • CC/DP Subtotals: Option to include Cost Center and/or Department subtotals on screen
  • Remarks: Option to display operator remarks entered on actual transactions.  Remarks are also populated with item descriptions from PO and Inventory transactions.
Editing Transactions: Double-click any actual transaction to open a new window with automatically generated offsetting transaction. Option to enter a replacement transaction as desired. Please Note: Edits made from the detail screen will maintain the offsetting audit transactions. Edits can also be made via Job Cost Entry or Shopnet Shift Maintenance.

Print: The print button will print a job detail cost report based on the display settings on the screen (details, subtotals, remarks, etc.)

Labor Direct: The actual total cost of employee labor based on employees hourly rates for all posted labor transactions.

Labor Absorbed: The actual total cost of machinery labor based on operation budgeted hourly rates for all posted labor transactions.

Contribution:  Contribution to overhead. Labor Absorbed minus Labor Direct.

Material: The actual total cost of all material transactions.

Paper: The actual total cost of all paper transactions.

Purchases/Commissions: The actual total cost of all outside purchases and posted commissions (via Post Job Commission from the Job Control Actions menu)

Margin and Value Added: Estimated values come from Estimate.  Actual Values calculated from actual costs and invoiced totals.