You can define re-usable Pro Forma Templates, and organize them into separate Groups. Each Group represents a standard job type such as booklets, catalogs, envelopes, 16-Page signatures, etc. Within a Group, you can define multiple Templates based on size, quantity, colors, etc. Templates can be Locked, to insure against accidental changes. There is no limit to the number of Pro Forma Groups, or the number of Pro Forma Templates per Group.

Define Pro Forma Groups

  • Select Tools > Estimate Tables > Pro Forma Groups.
  • Define a separate Group for your standard job types, or any criteria you choose to organize your Templates.

Create Template Estimates and Assign to Pro Forma Groups

  • For a given Group, you can define separate Templates for different sizes, color combinations, press options, estimate quantity, etc.
  • Templates can have multiple Parts like any other Estimate, but each Part should be consistent with the assigned Pro Forma Group.
  • Enter “PF Desc” (lower-left of Part-Estimate Info screen) to identify this Template.
  • Select “PF Group” (lower-right of Part-Estimate Info screen) to put this Template in the appropriate Group.

Pro Forma’s on the Estimate List and the Import List

  • Verify that “Pro Forma Group” and “Pro Forma Desc” are selected in your Estimate List, and your Form and Part Import Lists, and are positioned on the screen for easy reference (see User Preferences).
  • On the Estimate List, Lock Pro Forma Estimates to avoid accidental changes: right-click on any Pro Forma, then left-click on “Locked (Proforma)”.

Using Pro Forma Estimates

  • Sort (and Filter) your Estimate List by Pro Forma Group and/or Pro Forma Desc to quickly find the appropriate template.
  • Select the desired Pro Forma, and “Save As” to a new estimate number.
  • Import, Copy and Edit Parts and/or Forms like any other estimate.