Click a Form Description on the Part & Form tree to view that Form's detail screen.

Estimate Form

The top portion of the Form Panel includes basic information required for many of the estimate calculations.  Tab-Key or Enter through the fields for fastest entry.

Form Description: A one line summary of the form.  It's common to include information about the ink, stock and pages in the description for future reference and identification.

Color A/B: Colors on each side of a sheet. The sample above is 4 colors both sides (4/4).

Pages: The number of pages as it relates to the Finish Size.  If you decide to enter the flat finished size, the pages would be 2.  A folded finish size should include the total number of pages after folding as Pages.

Finish Size: The dimensions of the finished piece.  Entry can be manual or via selection from the pull down menu setup under Estimate Tables.  Click the "X" between dimensions to modify bleeds.

Run Size: The dimensions of the run sheet.  Entry can be manual or via selection from the pull down menu setup under Estimate Tables.  Click the "X" between dimensions to modify press size parameters.

#Out: This field will automatically calculate based on the number of pages, finish size (including bleeds) and run size (including press size parameters).  The #Out can be overridden if necessary.

Pages/Sig: The total number of finish size pages that can fit on the run size.  This field can be hidden as a System Setting.

Sigs: Number of signatures required to produce the form.  Also referred to as Idents (Identicals).  When Pages > Pages per Sig, multiple signatures will be required.

O/R: Appears only when Form Override System Setting is on.  Supports fractional forms for advanced combinations.

Form Operations: The main portion of the Form Detail tab is the operation list.  Operations can be added by right-clicking in the white space.  The operation express window will appear, listing all of your cost centers.  Expand any cost center to see a list of operations within that cost center.  Double-click the desired operations to add them to the selected pane on the right.  If the "Use Links" box is checked, operations that are linked together will be added with a single selection.  Please note:

  • Each operation can be edited by viewing the operation detail screen (double-click any operation to view the screen).  Operation detail screens are Calculation specific and covered in more detail in Calculation Specifications.
  • The columns on the Form Detail tab can be adjusted via User Preferences.
  • A red indicator appears on each line that includes an estimator override
  • The Form Warnings box will display alerts based on certain irrational scenarios