This menu is available for Event Processor users.  The Event Processor is a server utility that can automatically perform a number of user defined scheduled events.  In addition to defining the events, the Event Processor must be installed and running for the events to complete.

Estimate Events
  • Estimate Status Follow Up: Sends an email alert summary of estimates of a particular status and age.  For example, estimates that are "Pending" and more than 2 days old can send a reminder to the associated sales rep (and others) as a follow up reminder.  The "Opened # days ago" uses the estimate date for comparison.

Job Control Events
  • Job Status Email: Send an email based on a job's status update.  Email can be sent to the job's customer, associated employees (sales, CSR) and/or other recipients.
  • Job Opening Report Email: Automatic distribution of Job Opening report.  Can be sent to individual sales reps and filtered to only include each rep's jobs.

Shopnet Events
  • Transaction/Shift Alert Email: Sends an alert when any operators transaction or shift exceeds a user defined threshold.

Inventory Events
  • Reorder Level Alert Email: Sends a summary of items below (or near) their reorder levels.

Customer Events
  • Update WIP: Updates the Work In Process Values for all customers
  • Update AR Balance QuickBooks: Updates balance based on unpaid final invoices for closed jobs (open jobs will be included in WIP)
  • Update AR Balance Legacy: Updates balance based on unpaid posted invoices from Legacy AR
  • Credit Limit Alert Email: Sends a summary of customers below (or near) their credit limits

  • Pressero Order Import: Automates Job opening of Pressero Web-to-Print Jobs
  • Pressero Order Update: Updates Pressero with status and shipping information (tracking numbers)
  • PW Order Import: Custom Event not generally available
  • Zen Order Import: Automates Job opening of Zen Cart Ecommerce systems
  • Onpoint Shipment Submit: Provides shipping details to Onpoint On Demand shipping system
  • Onpoint Shipment Get Update: Retrieves shipment details from Onpoint On Demand shipping system

Utilities (contact Printers Software Technical Support before creating these events)
  • Database Backup: Automates database backup on regular scheduled intervals
  • Truncate Log File: Automates cleanup of SQL transaction files