The Setup menu includes settings to personalize your Presidio configuration.  

System Settings: View the System Settings section of this manual for a tab by tab breakdown of these settings.

User Preferences: Controls to enable individual Presidio users to personalize their system functionality.  Below is a sample of the Estimate User Preference screen.  Each field in the lists can be added/removed as a column by adjusting the check-boxes.  Column sequence can be adjusted by right-clicking it in the list and moving it up or down.  Each module contains a number of user configurable lists.  In addition, many modules (like Estimate) include the option of opening to the last item saved or to a list.

User Preferences

Session CleanUp: Used to clear locked Presidio sessions.  This control is inaccessible by default and must be activated by Printers Software.

Security: Security Groups are defined from the Security menu.  Once a group is defined, that group's rights are controlled by checking the approved security events.  Individual users can be associated with multiple groups. A user in multiple groups will be granted permission based on the combination of all groups.  Permission granted by membership in one group will always be active, even if that event is not permitted by another group membership.  ON in one group plus OFF in another group will result in ON.

Access Code: Used to update system activation license code.