These settings are used in multiple modules:

Calculators: Pricing calculators can be created for standard products to be used by Estimate and Job Control.  Pricing calculators are driven by menu selections to calculate a simple sell price.  Contact Printers Software Support for more information.

Category: Used by Estimate and Job Control for reporting.  QuickBooks users can associate categories with QuickBooks items to automate line item associations during invoicing.

Cost Centers: Used to create and maintain cost centers.  Departments should be organized before setting up cost centers as all cost centers must be assigned to a Department. 

Customer: Access to the customer (CRM) tables.  A fast access button appears on the left side of the main Presidio frame for access to this menu item. 

Customer Type: Used to create a list to classify customers based on user specific criteria.  Active and Prospect are common customer types.  Others include: Retail, Trade, Government, Non-Profit, etc.

Departments: Used to create and maintain departments.  A department is the highest level of organization; cost centers, then operations all fall under departments. 

Employees: Used to create and maintain employees.

File Attachment Templates: Used to define master templates for use with the Estimate and Job Control Attachment tab.

FOB: Used to define FOB options.  The FOB options will be available to associate with a customer and/or shipments.

Label: Used to create user defined fields for use with estimates, jobs and shipments.  

Label List: Used to organize labels into commonly used groups.

Operations: Used to create and maintain operations.  Operations are the specific functions and materials used in the production of a job.  Operations are used by Estimate, Job Control and Shopnet.  Estimate requires each operation to be associated with a Calculation to estimate cost and time of production.  Cost Centers should be organized before setting up operations as all operations must be assigned to a Cost Center.

Payment Terms: Used to define text payment terms for use on Purchase Orders.

Ship Via: Used to define shipping methods for Purchase Orders (incoming) and Shipping (outgoing).  Shipping Tables > Shipping Methods should be used to select outgoing options for FedEx, UPS and USPS.  Ship Via is for creation of all other methods.

Tax Code: Used to create a list of tax codes.  Customers can be assigned a default tax code.

Vendor: Used to create and maintain vendors and vendor items (stock and non-stock).

Vendor Type: Used to create a list to classify vendors based on user specific criteria.