These settings are specific to use of the Job Control and Shopnet Modules.

Job Status: Used to define the various stages of a job to be used for look-up and reporting.  Right-click to add a new status.  You can assign a status as the default for a new job and decide which status settings can/cannot charge time.

Job Status

Job Milestones: For use with the Milestone Schedule module.  Each Milestone is defined here.  The Milestones will appear in to sequence arranged here.  The "Code" will be used on the Milestone tab for navigation and on reports as a column head.  Milestones are automatically populated by linked estimated hours when a job is opened from an estimate.  "Always Include" will add the milestone regardless of whether or not estimated hours are present.

J Milestones

Milestone Routes: Used to predefine a sequence of milestones to quickly add to a job form used especially for jobs with no estimate.

Shopnet Screens: Link to Shopnet Screen Maintenance to create and edit Employee and Operation Screens.

Shopnet Remarks: Used to predefine common remarks for use by Shopnet operators.  Remarks can be assigned to individual departments, cost centers or operations.

Shopnet Messages: Used to define on screen Shopnet messages for Jobs, Employees or Operations. Job and Operation messages will appear for all operators that select the corresponding job or operation.  Employee messages will only appear when the corresponding employee starts a transaction.

CustomerPulse Fields: Used in conjunction with the CustomerPulse survey tool by Survey Advantage

Documents: Order Confirmations and other Job documents are managed here.  Please contact Printers Software Support for assistance.