These settings are specific to use of the Estimate module:

Estimate Status: Used to define the various stages of an estimate to be used for look-up and reporting.  Right-click to add a new status.  Classify each status as a Win, Loss or Neither to be used by the Win/Loss Report.  The Presidio Event Processor can send email alerts based on status (ex., if an estimate has been 'Pending' for more than 2 days).

Est Status

Proforma Groups: Used to define estimate categories to organize commonly used estimate templates.

Routes: Used to define commonly used operation sequences to add multiple operations to a form with a single selection.

Order Sizes: Used to populate size pull-down menu used on paper operations.

Run Sizes: Used to populate Form Run Size pull-down menu

Finish Sizes: Used to populate Form Finish Size pull down menu

Estimate Finish Size Bleeds: Used to define commonly used bleed dimensions with option to set default.  Bleed dimensions are selected by clicking the "X" between the Form Finish Size fields.

Estimate Press Parameters: Used to define commonly used press dimensions (beyond the dimensions that can be set at the press operation).  These dimensions are selected by clicking the "X" between the Form Run Size fields.

Documents: Quote Letters and other Estimate documents are managed here.  Please contact Printers Software Support for assistance.