Email SMTP: Used to configure Presidio to send emails, including: Estimate Documents, Job Documents, Shipping Documents and Event Processor Messages.  
  • If the Server, Username and Password are left blank, Presidio will send messages through a mail server hosted by Printers Software
  • If you provide your SMTP credentials, Presidio will send messages using the provided details.  The Test button should be used to validate the Server, Username and Password.
  • The Port and Enable SSL settings must be configured to comply with your email provider requirements.
  • Strict mode is required for email providers that don't allow multiple users to send messages via a common account.  When strict mode is on, every message will need to provide a sender with a corresponding password associated with a valid account with your email provider.  When Strict mode is on a password field will appear below the sender in all messages, including the event processor configuration.  A password field in employee maintenance will automatically populate the password field for the default sender.
Job Control, Estimating, Shipping: These sections allow you to define default BCC addresses, Subjects, Messages and "From" addresses for messages send from these modules.