These Misc tab includes settings that are used in several places throughout the system.

Customer UDF Labels: User defined text fields that will appear on the Misc tab in the CRM for each customer. The first 3 fields will appear on the estimate/job customer tab and standard job ticket. All fields will be included in the contact export for custom reporting and analysis.
Next # for New Customer Seed: Seed is the number to use for automatic numbering (recommended) of customer codes. To optimize sorting and filtering we recommend using at least 5 digits to maintain consistent digit length for all customer codes.  The user may override the seed upon creation of each customer if a unique pattern is desired.  The customer code will always be editable.
Est/Job Customer Info tab when Customer Change: Option clear an estimate or jobs customer info details when the customer account is changed.  It can be set to always update or prompt to update (yes/no) on a case by case basis.
Est/Job Customer Info tab on Save As: Option to keep customer info details when an estimate or job is copied via Save As.  It can be set to keep existing data, always update or prompt.

Estimate/Job Descriptions: Set Part description from E/JC description to eliminate need to describe part. Generally used only when multiple part estimates and jobs are rare.

Estimate/Job Notes: Option to activate the Notes tab in Estimate and Job Control. The Notes tab is similar to the Special Instructions tab except the Notes tab does not print. It's intended for onscreen internal notes only.

Import Operation Transactions:  Used only for Legacy user migration.

Limit Access:  Filter Sales Rep will automatically filter estimate, job and customer lists for users that are checked as sales reps. Only estimates, jobs and customers assigned to the rep will be visible. Reports will Sales Rep filter options will automatically be set and locked to that rep.

Estimate/Job Search List: Option to control the number of results displayed when using the "Find" button for estimates and jobs. Find is not designed to search large amounts of results. To review large sets of items, the advanced list search is recommended.

Export File Extension: Option to default list exports (estimate, job, customer, etc.) to .csv or .txt format.
Est/Job Locking: Option to prevent concurrent users from editing the same estimate or job.
Est/Job Shared User Defined Values:  Option to create 3 custom header fields that will appear on estimates and jobs. When defined, these fields will appear in the upper right corner of estimates and jobs next to the date fields. For some users with older low resolution monitors, these fields may not be visible. Data entered in these fields can be viewed on the estimate and/or job lists via user preference settings. The first of the 3 fields will print on the job ticket.

Materials & Purchases Track Taxable Items: When checked, a taxable flag will appear on the top of the Operation Maintenance screen. The provides the option of marking an operation as taxable. All costs posted to a job for operations that are marked taxable can be viewed on the Job Detail tab and on the job list (via user preferences).

A "View Taxable Totals" button will appear in the bottom right corner of the Job Control Details tab:

Clicking the button will display the total cost, taxable total and taxable % for each operation type (Labor, Material, Paper, Purchases and Total):

The taxable values can also be added to the job list via user preferences for custom reporting.