This tab is used exclusively for users of the Pressero Web-to-Print system.  For information about Pressero, please contact Printers Software Sales or Support.  Integration with other systems is not configured here.

Web Service Access: Pressero admin login credentials and subscriber ID.

Label Mapping: Fixed product and order fields can be mapped to user defined labels here.  NOTE: User defined products attributes and calculator parameters will automatically map when a matching Presidio label is found.

Job # Seed: Option to standardize order number digit length by adding base number entered here.

Batch Date Range: Setting to control how far back the order import will check for new orders

Site List: Presidio can be configured to import orders from all Pressero sites or selected sites by listing the individual site URLs

Status Mapping: Presidio job status (left) can be assigned a corresponding web status (right).  This is used to control the level of detail an online order customer will see when the check their order status.

Use Ship Date as Job Due Date: The online order's requested ship date can be used as the job due date.

Use Items as Job Description: When checked, the Presidio job description will be set from the description of items in the order.  Unchecked will set the description to a summary of item total and order value.