Inventory Tab

Purchase Order Numbering: Seed is the number to use for automatic numbering (recommended). To optimize sorting and filtering we recommend using at least 5 digits to maintain consistent digit length for all purchase orders.  If Seed is not selected the purchaser will be required to enter a unique number upon creation of each PO.  User Editable provides the option of modifying the seed during creation of a new PO.

Include Special Instructions: When selected, PO special instructions will appear on the printed PO.

Include Completed Items: Select to print all items, included items marked complete (received).

Include Item # Column: For Inventory module users only.  When selected, the internal inventory item number will appear as the first column on the printed PO.

Show Received or Balance: Option to choose which value is printed along with the original quantity.

Default U of M for Free Form: used to set default U of M when Free Form items are added to a PO.  All other item types include their own U of M.

Requisition Default Due Days: used to default due date.  Days selected will be added to current date.

Use Rate from Estimate: When requisitions are automatically created when an estimate opens/updates a job, these options allow the rate to default to what was used in the estimate.  When not checked, Free Form items will default to 0 and Non-Stock items will default to the items saved rate.

Cost to be used: Estimates, POs and Inventory withdrawals can each use a unique rate when an Inventory item is selected.  "Last" is an item's last received rate.  "Average" is an item's calculated average rate.  "Standard" is an items user defined rate.  "House Withdrawal Markup" will apply the item cost plus markup % to a job when the item is withdrawn.

# Months to be used in "Avg Cost": Used to set the time-frame for calculation of each item's average cost.

Auto generate report on receipt of inventory will print a receipt report after each receipt is posted.

Estimate Inventory Select From: controls which items appear on the inventory selection screen in estimating.  All Items, Inventory Only (no vendor) or Vendor only (no generic Inventory) can be selected.

Item Detail Report: Options to include additional details when Item Detail Reports are printed.