The Job Ticket tab includes settings for the standard job ticket.

Job Ticket Tab


Special Instructions: 
When selected, information from the Special Instructions tab will appear on the top portion of the job ticket.  The Special Instructions can appear for the first part only or all parts.

Operation Memos: Operations that were estimated will print their corresponding operation memo below each operation on the ticket. 

Customer Info: Option to include customer's contact information on all parts or first part only.

Form Layout Graphic: Each forms layout diagram can be printed automatically when the job ticket prints.

Form Barcodes: A barcode representing the job#-form# can be added below each form section to be used for form status updates.

Show Quoted Amount: Select to include quoted value of parts on ticket.

1 Part per page: Inserts a page break between each part

1 Form per page: Inserts a page break between each form

Include Cost Center Total: Option to include a summary of total hours by cost center at end of each part.

Include Cutting Ticket: When selected, automatically prints the jobs Cutting Ticket when the job ticket is printed.

Cutting Ticket 1 Per Page: Sets the ticket to include 1 item per page (vs. the standard 2 items per page).

Include Shipping Smry Rpt: Automatically prints the job's shipping summary report when the job ticket is printed.

Label Columns: Setting to adjust number of columns used to display user defined labels.  One column is recommended if labels may include long field values to prevent truncated data.  "Hide Blanks" will control when or not user labels with no field value will print on the job ticket.

Custom Code: System field used only in conjunction with a custom job ticket.