Job Control Tab

Job Numbering: Seed is the number to use for automatic numbering (recommended).  To optimize sorting and filtering we recommend using at least 5 digits to maintain consistent digit length for all jobs.  If Seed is not selected the user will be required to enter a unique number upon creation of each job.  User Editable provides the option of modifying the seed during creation of a new job.  "Use Estimate Seed" will synchronize estimate numbers and job numbers (jobs created from estimates will use the estimate number as the job number).

User Defined Dates:  Four user definable job dates appear on the job summary screen.  These fields enable you to define those dates to your needs.  These dates can be individually added to your Job list under User Preferences.  The date values can be set to automatically populate from the estimate user dates via an estimate system setting.

Batch Closing Report: Report parameters to be used for reports automatically generated during the Batch Job Close function.

Commission Basis: Value to be used as a default for the Post Job Commission function.

Shipping Smry Report: Option to hide the shipping costs on the Shipping Summary Report.

Credit Limit Alert: Setting to warn or prevent new jobs when a customer's open balance exceeds their credit limit. Ignore will permit new jobs regardless of balance. Warn will display a message alerting the user that the customer exceeds their limit before permitting the job to be opened. Deny will not allow a new job for a customer that exceed their limit.

Customer WIP: Setting to control which value to use to determine a customers Work in Process (in relation to their Credit Limit). Actual Cost will use the sum of all posted transactions across all open jobs for a customer. Quoted Price will use the sum of the quoted value across all open jobs for a customer.

CustomerPulse: When selected, a button will appear on the job list to generate a file to be used for customer surveys in conjunction with CustomerPulse by Survey Advantage

Save As Clear PO: Option to clear the PO number on the Job Control Customer Tab when a job is copied via Save As.

Premium Rates: Option to apply premium markups to Labor costs or Labor and Material costs that are posted to Job Control. Three premium categories can be defined, each with unique percentage markups. Common categories are "Rush", "Overtime", "Weekend" or "Holiday". The premium percentages defined on this tab will be used except when a Cost Center has unique percentages defined. Cost Center premium rates will apply to all operations within that cost center. If a cost center doesn't have unique rates, the house standard premium rates will be used.

Time Entry: For Job Cost Entry, option to enter the Start/Stop time (recommended) or total hours. "Op Codes can duplicate" will require entry of the cost center and operation. If duplicate operation codes are not used, only the operation code is required. "Include Break" and "Include Lunch" options control which hours are included in the payroll column of the Employee Shift Summary report.

Shipping on Invoice: When creating a new invoice from the Job Summary tab, option to default the shipping amount from the total shipping cost (from the Job's Shipping tab).  The total cost can be marked up by a percentage defined here.