User Defined Dates:  Four user definable estimate dates appear on the main estimate screen. These fields enable you to define those dates to your needs. These dates can be individually added to your Estimate list under User Preferences.

Estimate Numbering: Seed is the number to use for automatic numbering (recommended). To optimize sorting and filtering we recommend using at least 5 digits to maintain consistent digit length for all estimates. If Seed is not selected the estimator will be required to enter a unique number upon creation of each estimate. User Editable provides the option of modifying the seed during creation of a new estimate.

Default Markups: House markup percentages if no customer specific markups are found.  The Use Overall Detail option will display 2 user definable fields to split the overall markup.  The first of the 2 fields acts like the traditional Overall Markup.  The second of the two fields acts as a markup cost.  It will increase the sales price but not contribute to the estimated profit and value added.  This is most commonly used to incorporate commissions into the estimated sales price.  The 2 fields can be renamed.

Quote $ Rounding: Option to automatically round estimated (calculated) dollars up to the nearest $0.10, $1.00, $10.00 or $100.00. Setting to $0.01 will match quoted to estimated.

Save As Update Rates: When set, will refresh operation rates with current rates when an estimate is copied. When unchecked, operation rates from original estimate will be used.

Save As Clear PO: Option to clear the PO number on the Estimate Customer Tab when an estimate is copied via Save As.

Email Defaults: Area to set default values for quote letter emails sent from within Presidio.

Form Defaults: Option to adjust default values for new estimate forms.

Bindery Only: Disables requirement for color side A/B fields and pages field for estimating.

Map UDF Dates to Job: Connects user defined dates with user defined job dates on estimate to job transfer.

Hide Pages/Sig: Hides the field displaying the total finish size pages that fit on a give run size on the estimate form tab.

User Forms Override: Allows estimator to override the calculated number of forms (sigs). Supports fractional forms for advanced form combinations.

Web Stands Warning: Option to warn when the number of press web stands does not equal the number of webs (of paper).

Create Requisitions and Reserves: For PO users, option to default vendor items from estimate to checked on New Job from Estimate Screen

Require Due Date when creating Job: When checked, will not allow job to be opened until a valid due date is entered on New Job from Estimate Screen

Delete existing Reqs and Res when updating job: Option to automatically delete previously created requisitions and reserves to be replaced by new during Update Job from Estimate

Delete existing Milestones when updating job: Option to automatically delete previously created milestones and create new milestones

Include Current Quoted in Credit Limit Check: When Credit Limit Alert set to warn or deny (Job Control System Setting), option to include the value of the estimate being converted to a new job during the New Job from Estimate process.  When unchecked, credit limit alerts will only apply to jobs already in process.