System Settings are managed under the menu: Tools > Setup > System Settings

System Settings includes controls that will help you personalize your Presidio configuration.  Many of the items on the main System tab will be configured for you during installation.

Common Document Folder: Repository for reports and user documents.  This should be set by your installation coordinator.

Custom Reports Path: Not commonly used.  Only required for custom report access

Path to Legacy Programs: Used to provide Menu access exclusively for Legacy Printers Software users.

Access Code: System activation field

Company Demographics: General contact information about your company.  Double-Click the Default Company to enter your information or right-click to add a new company.  QuickBooks users will define the location of their company file(s) from this location.

Login Identifier: ID system used to determine security privileges and track user history.  User Name refers to the Windows User ID and is the default setting.  Machine Name and DNS Host Name are also options to identify users without requiring a login screen.  Selecting "Secured" will require each user to log in every time they open Presidio.

Default Security Group for New User:  Group that will be assigned to new Presidio users except when "Secured" is selected as the Login Identifier.

Database Backup: Location and filename for database backup. Several backup options are available, please contact support for assistance.