Estimates the cost of Digital Cutting based on Inches per Second and Seconds per Piece.

Operation Setup Requirements:
  1. Description
  2. Rate: cost per hour
  3. Sell $ use: Markup % (recommended) or alternate sell rate
  4. Calc: 38
  5. Sub Key: Labor
  6. Setup Time: Base Setup Minutes
  7. Minimum Time: Option to define a minimum duration after setup and run times have be calculated
  8. Inches per Second: Speed of the cutter in Inches per Second.  Applies to the perimeter of the finished piece.
  9. Seconds per Piece: Option to add handling time for each piece.  Applies to quantity.
  10. Track Perimeter: When checked will use the form finish size to calculate the perimeter and automatically update with any changes to the form finish size.  When unchecked, will default to form finish size and be editable (subsequent updates to form finish size will not be reflected).
Calc 38 Setup
Estimate Specification Input Prompts:
  1. Perimeter: Defaults based on form finish size.  Editable when "Track Perimeter" is off in operation setup.
  2. Inches per Second
  3. J%
  4. Remarks
  5. Memo
Calc 38Calculation:

Quantity x Perimeter = Total Inches
(Total Inches / Inches per Second) / 60 = Travel Minutes
(Quantity x Seconds per Piece) / 60 = Handling Minutes
Setup Minutes + Travel Minutes + Handling Minutes = Total Minutes