Estimates the cost based on Square Feet per hour including setup time, material and run spoilage.

Operation Setup Requirements:
  1. Description
  2. Rate: Cost per hour
  3. Sell $ use: Markup % (recommended) or alternate sell rate
  4. Calc: 36
  5. Sub Key: Labor
  6. Setup Time: Base Setup Minutes
  7. Min Press Run Time: Minimum total minutes
  8. Square Feet/Hour
  9. Setup Length: number of linear feet of waste used for setup
  10. Spoilage %
  11. Option to track Idents from form
  12. Option to track Number Up from form
  13. Option to set Size to: Zero (editable), Estimate Form Run Size (most common) or Estimate Form Finish Size
  14. Option to set Sides to an editable number or Sides from Form (A/B)

Estimate Specification Input Prompts:
  1. Sides, if editable, otherwise will be set by form sides
  2. Setup Length in Feet: defaults from operation setup
  3. Square Feet/Hr
  4. Spoilage %
  5. J%