Estimates the cost based on Impressions per minute and total colors.

Operation Setup Requirements:
  1. Description
  2. Rate: Cost per hour
  3. Sell $ use: Markup % (recommended), alternate sell rate or sell grid
  4. Calc: 35
  5. Sub Key: Labor
  6. Setup Time: Base Setup Minutes
  7. Minimum Run Time: Minimum total minutes
  8. Makeready Sheets
  9. Ink Stations
  10. Impressions per Minute
  11. Spoilage %
  12. Meter Rate: Click charge for each color
  13. Default Run Size Adjustments: these dimensions will be available to apply to a form's run size (by clicking the 'X' between run size dimensions on the form)
  14. Maximum Press Length & Width: Maximum run size dimensions in inches

Estimate Specification Input Prompts:
  1. Makeready Sheets
  2. Spoilage %
  3. J%
  4. Remarks
  5. Memo


(((Deliver Sheets / #Out) x Idents) / (1-Spoil%) + MR Sheets = Run Sheets  Colors A + Colors B = Total Colors  Run Sheets x Total Colors = Impressions  Impressions x Meter Rate = Meter Charge  ((Impressions / (Speed x 60)) + (Setup Min/60)) x Hourly Rate = Hourly Charge  Round up if below minimum charge  Meter Charge + Hourly Charge = Total Charge Note: Calc 10 Paper will pickup gross run sheets from this calculation