Estimates the cost per square inch based on a table look-up of quantity and user defined attribute (substrate, for example).

Operation Setup Requirements:
  1. Description
  2. Rate: Job Control Only
  3. Sell $ use: Markup % (recommended) or alternate sell rate (not applicable)
  4. Calc: 34
  5. Sub Key: Material or Labor
  6. Price/M: if rates are price per thousand square inches (vs. square inches)
  7. Column Label: Description of attribute used to select pricing row
  8. Set size to: None (editable), a predefined size, Form Run Size or Form Finish Size
  9. Grid Column 1: Description of each attribute used to select corresponding price row
  10. Grid Row 1: Quantity breaks used to select corresponding price column
  11. Grid: Rate per square inch or per thousand square inches

Estimate Specification Input Prompts:
  1. Size (not editable if set to form dimensions)
  2. Row Selection: Pull down menu of row descriptions to select price row
  3. Remarks
  4. Memo


Length x Width = Item Square Inches
Item Square Inches x Quantity = Total Square Inches
Total Square Inches x Rate = Cost $
Cost $ x Markup % = Markup $
Cost $ + Markup $ = Sell $